Gokul Solutions Limited

Description of our business & Operations

The main business of the Company comprises of trading and distribution of sarees and other products in the textile market. The Company also operates an embroidery unit for embroidery on sarees, cotton and silk cloths. The Company plans to venture into retailing of readymade garments and other textile products and have targeted to open three to four retail outlets in and around Kolkata by the end of this financial year.

Trading in textile products

Our Company has started operation by venturing as commission agents of fabric and textile products. Later, our Company has expanded operation by venturing into trading and distribution of sarees and other commodities in the textile market. We predominantly cater to Kolkata and nearby markets and supply entire range of sarees and other dress materials and apparels. We use creativity, market intelligence and industry experience to select apparels to suit the dynamic needs of young generations.

Identification of current market trend:A dedicated team headed by our Managing Director keeps a close eye on the consumers’ preference and change in the fashion and taste of the consumers in textile industry.Defining fashion and making it a fusion of the traditional attires with the modern look has been our mission. Bygiving a new dimension to fashion and help it escalate, we are playing an important role in the industry.

Sourcing the material: Based on the changing trends in fashion industry, we explore the various options for sourcing the products. Our Company has always maintained a healthy relation with the vendors. The selection of products and vendors is done by our Company based on the quality of products, current fashion trends, cost of the products, and capacity, credibility, quality awareness and experience of vendors.

Tapping the retailers: Our Company also has a dedicated marketing team, which constantly stay in touch with retailers of sarees and other fabric products. The marketing team showcase samples, collects purchase orders and build delivery schedule.

Embroidery Unit

The Company has diversified into the business of automatic computerized embroidery on various apparels, clothing, caps leather garments, and other leather items. Our Company’s embroidery unit is situated at 62/B/P, J.N. Mukherjee Road, P.S. Malipanchghora, District – Howrah comprising of an area of 4000 sq. feet.

The embroidery unit of the Company is growing at a good pace on the marketing exposure which we have created from our trading activities. With the help of embroidery unit, the Company is successful in converting the trading clients into clients of our manufactured products. The embroidery unit has been equipped with state of art infrastructure and imported machineries.

Retail Trading in readymade garments

Our Company has planned to venture into retailing of readymade garments and other textile products and have targeted to open three to four retail outlets in and around Kolkata by the end of this financial year. Our Company is confident about the success and expansion of the Company’s own retail business considering the industry experience and existing business activities.

Our Products:
Our range of products consists are:

  • Wide range of sarees
  • Women dress materials
  • Men and Women wears
  • Fabrics

Our products are mainly supplied to retailers based at Kolkata and adjacent territories.

Raw Materials
For embroidery unit, the major material is Fabric. Major part of Fabric is procured from local sources. We obtain Cotton, Silk, Synthetic Fabrics, and Sarees, Dress Material from manufacturers and wholesalers and Distributors. Other important raw material required for the embroidery unit is threads and the same is easily available in Kolkata.
Labour is another important factor in embroidery industry. Eastern Indian is also characterised by easy and cheap availability of labour. The Company has quality manpower for its embroidery unit.

Marketing Arrangement
Our Company is primarily focused in Kolkata and adjacent territories. The marketing strategy of the Company is the combination of direct marketing, using the distribution network and sales force. Interaction with retailers on an individual basis, educating them and campaigning for the Company’s products all the year round is part of the marketing strategy. We support our marketing efforts through regular interaction and meetings with our customers. We organise exhibition and fairs to showcase our products and build relationship with our customers. We also participate regularly in exhibition and fairs being conducted at various levels.

We operate in an industry which faces intense competition from established as well as unorganized players. Our competition depends on several factors which include quality, price and most importantly our ability meet the changing trends in fashion industry. Defining fashion and making it a fusion of the traditional attires with the modern look provide us edge over our competitors. Our dedicated design and marketing teams help us in maintaining a healthy relationship with vendors and retailers in Kolkata and nearby territories.

Working Capital
Our business requires a substantial amount of working capital. Significant amount of working capital is required to finance the purchase of products and fabric for embroidery unit. In addition to that, our working capital comprises of receivables from our debtors. Our working capital requirements increases just before the festive season get started in order to store more varieties products/clothing.

Our working capital requirements may increase if, in certain contracts, payment terms do not provide for advance payments to us or if payment schedules are less favorable to us.

As on 31st March, 2014, our working capital comprised of followings: 

ParticularsAmount (Rs. in Lacs)
Cash and Bank Balances16.30
Total (A) 606.65
Trade payables180.01
Short-term borrowings & Other Liabilities5.25
Short term provisions0.88
Total (B) 186.13
Net Working Capital (A-B)420.52


Human Resources
As on August 31, 2014, our Company has a total strength of 38 employees, comprising of

CategoryNo. of Employees
Skilled Workers3
Unskilled Workers26
Office Staff9

Intellectual Property
Presently, we do not own any patent or trademark. 

As on date we do not have any franchisee. Further, we have not entered into any concession agreements.

Research & Developments:
We have not incurred any amount during the last three fiscal years on Company-sponsored research and development activities.